Dubrovnik on Wheels: Where to Eat and What to Do as a Wheelchair User

Image by Bartlomiej Mostek used under Creative Commons licence.

The enchanting Old Town at the heart of Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. Against a backdrop of red rooftops, paved streets, and century-old stone walls, a city break to Dubrovnik will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time.

Old town centres are notorious for their narrow cobbled streets and winding stairways, making them less than ideal for wheelchair users. In Dubrovnik, however, you’ll be delighted to discover that there are countless accessible spots where you can enjoy the old town experience. Here are five places to add to inspire you to make a journey to this Adriatic gem:


City gates

Dubrovnik’s ancient gates mark the entrances into the Old Town, and you might pass through them as you arrive. Pile Gate sits at the top of the pedestrianised Stradun. After crossing a drawbridge, you’ll pass through the outer gate, which dates from the 16th century. Beyond this is an even older inner gate.

Ploče Gate lies at the Old Town’s eastern entrance. Originally, there was a wooden drawbridge outside this gate, but it has now been replaced by a picturesque stone bridge.


dubrovnik wheelchair accessible

Image by Les Haines used under Creative Commons licence.



Stretching about 300m in length, Stradun is the main street in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. It is wide, flat, and paved with smooth limestone, making it easily accessible for wheelchair users. Besides admiring the elegant architecture up and down the street, you can also relax in one of the street’s many restaurants.

For a light bite to eat, and to sample some local delicacies, visit Buffet Škola. If you fancy a more varied menu, try Cele Gourmet Bar at the other end of the street.


Dubrovnik Sea Aquarium

Unlike some of Dubrovnik’s other museums and attractions, the aquarium is wheelchair-friendly. Located inside a medieval fortress, the aquarium boast over 30 tanks full of creatures native to the Adriatic Sea. Up until 2011, the aquarium was also home to an impressively old loggerhead turtle, who had been there since 1954.


Franciscan Monastery

This stunning monastery is a sight you have to see while you’re in Dubrovnik, and it is conveniently located on Stradun. Inside is a square filled with orange trees, and a museum displaying an array of curious relics. Most notably, the monastery is home to a working pharmacy. Having been in business for around 700 years, it is said to be the third-oldest functioning pharmacy in the world.


Old Town harbour

The pretty harbour in the Old Town is definitely worth a visit, and it is another one of the city’s flat, wheelchair-friendly locations. You can wander along the water’s edge with charming stone buildings on one side, and lines of yachts and fishing boats on the other.

The harbour is also the perfect place to dine as you admire the view over the sparkling Adriatic. Lokanda Peskarija is a popular restaurant in the area, serving excellent seafood from its perch beneath the city’s ancient walls.

There is plenty to keep you busy in Dubrovnik, and if you make it to all of these sites, why not take a look at five more wheelchair-friendly attractions in this gorgeous coastal city? With so much on offer, your only problem will be trying to fit it all into your itinerary!