5 of the Most Adrenaline-Pumping Wheelchair-Friendly Adventures

Adventure and sporting opportunities are increasing for people with physical disabilities thanks to organizations such as Adaptive Adventures. But for more than three million Americans relying on a wheelchair daily, finding these activities and verifying that they have proper equipment can still be a challenge.

There are some awesome adventures to be had—from riding a camel in the Sahara to soaring high in a hot-air balloon. Here are a few of our favorite wheelchair-accessible experiences around the world.


Hot-air ballooning in Catalonia


Less than a two-hour drive from Barcelona, Catalonia’s Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park features lush greenery, Roman-era landmarks, and accessible hiking trails. Make the day more scenic with Vol de Coloms, a hot-air balloon company that takes high flyers over dormant volcanoes and provides remote-controlled seats for wheelchair users. On a clear day, you can see as far as the Mediterranean Sea and Pyrenees Mountains.

Pro tip: See Las Vegas from above with Love Is In the Air Ballooning, which provides easy ramp access and permits wheelchair users to stay in their chair.



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  • I’m all about adventure, but when traveling with friends/family we all have different abilities. I love the shout out to my childhood home state of Wisconsin and sailing. I’d love to try the waterskiing that you mention too. Rock on Cory!

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