Estonia: The Vacant Land


People often speak of their travels in the European world. Most of these travels are of the seemingly important, bigger countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Austria, and even Denmark. However, not many accounts are told of the scarcely populated area of Estonia. Located under Finland on the Northern Side of Europe and boasts of massive greenery and historical significance as it houses some of the world’s oldest architecture still standing. Estonia is a land with more than 1500 islands and islets as it gets surrounded by the Baltic Sea. The trip to Estonia was as eye-opening as it was replenishing. It can be a sight worth seeing, how the immense stretch of natural beauty is preserved with some of the most beautiful creatures amongst the low number of people that are in the country.

Estonia’s Cultural Significance:

My tour through the country was not short but ultimately not enough either. The place had much more to offer than people might expect. To start with, the capital of the country, Tallinn was a great scenery and just as the travel guide said a culturally rich place. I was very much interested in finding out exactly how much of the country is still culturally and intellectually in sync with the perceptions about it. And Estonia did not disappoint. The capital had landmarks and government buildings like Toompea, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and the Kadriorg Palace. All the places were older than most countries and contained in them the history and the splendor and different aspects of chaos and ruin as the effects of the second world war made themselves apparent.

Estonia’s Inhabitants:

The people of Estonia are very scarce to find. It is not an understatement that there are fewerpeople than there are trees in Estonia. According to a fact I learned in the Depeche Mode Bar in Voorimehe, there are fewer men than women in Estonia and for every kilometer of the land, there are less than 30 people. Away from the urban city lives,we are all used to, this might come as a shock and for some, like me, appealing. Also, to make it even better, Estonians have had a history of being smart, intelligent and crazy for sports. It is a little-known fact that the swing sports Kiiking was invented in Estonia. Not to mention that the country’s little but enough population was responsible for giving the world Skype.

Estonia’s Importance:

I was really overwhelmed by the natural reserve of Lahemaa National Park. The park was almost 700 in square kilometers. Raekoja Plats was the town hall in the Old Towns Square that was seemingly ancient but the cultural activities happening there were pretty modern like concerts and art shows. But the biggest pleasure of them all was seeing the biggest church in the country, St. Olaf’s Church. Although the native culture is still in the minds of the people, they don’t seem pretty much interested in staying in the past. These are people who have a fame for being one of the smartest countries and probably figured out how to read someone’s text messages long ago, given the number of startups and technological upgrades they are bringing to the world.


Estonia is one of the most adventurous places in the world as it has so many sites to offer. It is a plain fact that there are more tourists in Estonia in a year than there are people there. The country has waterfalls, snowy winters and most of all, history. Make sure you visit the next chance you get as you won’t ever regret it!