The Beauty of Printing on Canvas

When it comes to choosing décor items to brighten your walls, canvas prints are the number one choice for millions of homes. No longer considered the poor relation in terms of wall art, canvas has really come into its own. The main reason for this? Versatility. You can buy a ready made canvas but if you want something totally unique, the hottest trend on the block is to take your favourite picture and print it out on canvas.

This isn’t a new technique by any means but the technology employed today has taken the quality to a whole new level. There is also the convenience of being able to do it all online. Go to the site, upload the picture/s you want printed onto the canvas and choose the size. A word of caution in this area however. It can be very tempting to get that adorable picture of your grandchildren printed onto a giant canvas to hang over the fireplace but it very much depends on the quality of the photo. Try and make it too big and it will distort. Make sure you go for a top quality canvas printing company as they will advise you of the optimum size canvas for your picture to get the best possible result.

Most Popular Subjects

Children are right up there as you would expect, closely followed by weddings and animals. Holiday spots are another firm favourite, especially for those wanting a series of canvases. A photo of grandchildren printed onto canvas makes a wonderful gift that grandparents will always treasure. Likewise, it’s a lovely way of capturing a much loved pet and offers a lasting reminder of them once they have passed over rainbow bridge.

Be Sensible

There are very few things that don’t transfer well to canvas but, as mentioned previously, the quality of photo plays a huge part in the final result. You must also bear in mind that canvas is textured so if you have a highly detailed photo it’s likely some of the details will be lost in the printing process. This is simply due to the transfer of the photo onto the tactile surface of the canvas. Black and white is hugely popular but not every picture will have the desired result in monochrome. A top tip is to check it out in black and white on your phone first. If it looks a bit shady and some of the clarity is lost it’s probably not a great idea to try and get it onto canvas as these characteristics will spoil the whole effect once blown up.

Cost Effective

Another big plus with modern canvas is it’s affordability. A decent sized canvas will cost a fraction of a print or painting plus it’s way more in line with today’s contemporary décor. If you have bare walls that need a pop of colour, or simply need to be more in keeping with the rest of the room, a canvas or three will tick all your boxes.