7 of the Top Reasons to Visit Nepal

Since Nepal is situated between the two great countries China and India, this is why it did not get the attention it deserves for ages. But as the tourists and travelers started exploring the hidden wonders in this beautiful country, it started to make its place in the list of highly anticipated countries for travel and tourism. The culturally rich country of Nepal is located right in the heart of the Himalayas that makes it extremely beautiful with a diverse variety of landscapes and architecture and being the birthplace of Buddha, it has the religious importance as well. If you have a spirit of adventure and hiking in you, you will love visiting Nepal and you would sure want to visit it again and again. There are so many things that will attract you there and knowing them before you plan to visit this beautiful country, is something that would help you through your visit a lot.

Why should you visit Nepal in the first place?

Here we have gathered a list of the reasons why you should visit Nepal and we hope that when you would reach the bottom of this post, you would be searching for the travel options to Nepal.

  1. So many UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit

There are so many decorated streets, pagodas, sacred temples, palaces, monasteries, ancient cities, mosques, medieval complexes and heritage sites in Nepal that it is a must to visit country for all those who love to explore architecture and culture. There are seven such UNESCO World Heritage sites only in the area of Katmandu which is why tourists love to visit this city a lot. Durbar Square, Bhaktapur, and Patan are a must to visit sites if you want to admire the finest Newari architecture. So on your trip to Nepal, make sure you have covered all these seven sites for sure.


  1. The people of Nepal are great

Since there are a lot of people living in Nepal, belonging to different ethnicities and languages, the culture of Nepal is very rich but you will find that the people of Nepal are very generous and hospitable. The main city areas lack the love and hospitality that the people from the villages show as in the big cities they have to do the business to take the tourists.


  1. Nepal is rich in spirituality and mysticism

Nepal is the home to the people belonging to a lot of religions and cultures. You will find a big population in here to be Hindus, then there are Buddhists as well. The other minorities include Muslims. Christians and Sikh so wherever you would go in Nepal, you will find religion in every corner in there. The streets echo with the sound of the religious songs from different ethnicities and there is a huge tolerance seen amongst the people of Nepal for letting the others exercise their religious rights.


  1. Majestic peaks of Himalaya and trekking

Since Nepal is located right in the heart of Himalayan Mountains, it therefore has extremely beautiful summits that are high and they offer various options to the adventure lovers. The Trekking in Nepalis a big source of income for the country and Nepal is famous for its treks. The Everest Base Camp trekking is one of the extreme treks where people love to go and fulfill their love for trekking and hiking. If you wish to go to the heights of Nepal, then trekking is a must to do for you and the experience you will have here would be totally unforgettable.


  1. Not a very expensive country it is

Since Nepal is not a very expensive country therefore you won’t have to spend a big fortune here while you are on the tour. The accommodation and the transportation does matter of course, for what type you are choosing to have. You can make the visit to Nepal and enjoy its beauties a lot in as low as $20 a day, which is not something very unaffordable right? If you know how to save on your accommodation and flights, then you can easily enjoy your trip in very little amount.


  1. Nepal has a diverse range of food to offer to its tourists

Since there are so many cultures blended in Nepal, the best from all comes to the food and influence it. The aroma and flavor of the food here in Nepal is so mouthwatering that you would not forget the taste for years to come. And the best thing about food in Nepal is that it is not expensive at all. The Nepali food is simple yet delicious and the food is often topped with the spices and seeds and garlic, ginger, black pepper, chilies, cumin, turmeric, onions, and sometimes yak butter. So when you visit Nepal, make sure you savor on all the food items available there and don’t miss their extremely amazing taste.


  1. It’s not just hiking and trekking, there are so many other adventures for you!

Nepal is the most perfect destination for the adventure lovers and those who have a knack for sports. There are a lot of sport adventures that you can enjoy in the beautiful mountains of the country and its beautiful waters. If you too love the thrill of adventure, you would be delighted to have fun in bungee jumping, white water rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, zip lining other than hiking and trekking. The prices are not too high for these adventures and there is wildlife and jungle safari as well.

So you see that there are these top seven and several other reasons as well that will make you visit Nepal in the next holiday season. The more you will explore this amazing country, the more it will open up its secrets to you and the more you would want to go back to it. The beautiful mountains, the loving people, natural and wildlife all call you to visit Nepal again and again.