Five Cities by the Baltic Sea You Have to Visit for a Vacation

Are you planning to go for a warm and sunny vacation? Well, zero in on the cities at the Baltic Sea. Bask in the warmth of the sun by the beach while chugging chilled beer along with close friends. Now doesn’t that sound like a perfect vacation? The cities by the Baltic Sea make for perfect locations to let loose. Book your tickets as soon as possible. And to make the most of your trip, travel by train. Now there is a myriad of options when you are planning to fly down to some of the locations at the visit Baltic Sea. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of five best cities by the aforementioned sea that you should visit for a vacation.



Copenhagen should definitely top your bucket list when you are planning a vacation. It’s a surprising city. It has got the looks of a town but with all the buzz and glamour it’s no less than some high end European city. If you are a foodie, then Copenhagen should be your kind of food haven where you can hog on a wide range of toothsome street food. Plus, you can also visit one of the oldest Luna parks in the world. And how can one miss out on its amazing castles. So, book your tickets as soon as possible.



Stockholm also called the cultural, political and economic capital of Sweden, is the best place to make the most of your vacation. From fashion to food, from music to architecture, this city serves a wide variety of choices for people coming from different genres of interest. So, if you are into architecture and love photographing beautiful buildings, then Stockholm is your kind of place. The Old Town has buildings which have been built in the year 1700. Plus, there are structures flaunting modern architecture. The city is a beautiful juxtaposition of the new and old when it comes to buildings. There’s a city centre which has some of the most amazing restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. To cut it short, this city offers an incredible array of options.





Situated on the southern part of the Baltic Sea, Gdansk attracts a lot of tourists. It had a tumultuous past, especially during World War 2. Its strategic location once made it one of the wealthiest cities in the Baltic. When you are in Gdansk, you should stroll down the famous UlicaDluga (Long Lane), it has a bevy of buildings which are colourful and reminds one of the buildings in Copenhagen. The Mariacka Street is yet another attraction for art lovers. It is one of the prettiest areas of the city and showcases a barrage of performances by street artists. Plus, it’s also a haven for shopaholics and party animals.




Do you believe in fairy tales? Would you like to visit one of those walled cities that you have seen in them? Then do visit Tallinn. This walled city is no less than a fairy tale. Stroll through the maze of streets and make your way to the fortified upper town called the Toompea Hill for breathtaking views. St Olaf’s church, the Kumu art museum are among the other must-visits in this city. Also, it has beautiful courtyard cafes, so after touring across the city make your way to these cafes to chill over a piping hot cuppa.


Saint Petersburg:


This world-class destination by the Baltic Sea is famous for its opulent palaces and majestic estates. Museums such as the Hermitage are filled with beautiful works of art from all around the world, for instance, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Madonna, and the Return of the Prodigal Son by the Rembrandt. Further, there are cathedrals which are ethereal in every sense of the term. Art lovers would love every bit of Saint Petersburg