Where to Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Van in the USA

If you have a disability that requires the temporary or permanent use of a wheelchair, there are many vehicles and pieces of equipment that can give you more mobility through enhanced accessibility. You can find transportation that accommodates your injury or illness by opting for a handicap van rental. These vehicles are customized to suit your needs and help you get from one place to another with ease. When you’re trying to find wheelchair vans for rent, the following serves as a comprehensive guide on five of the top handicap van rental providers in the country, along with the cost to rent a wheelchair accessible van.

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5 Places to Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Van –


MobilityWorks is a handicap van rental provider that’s been in business for more than 25 years. They offer a vast selection of converted vans and SUVs to choose from. If you decide to rent a wheelchair accessible van from MobilityWorks, you’ll gain access to crash-tested vehicles that have been converted by VMI, BraunAbility, and Driverge Vehicle Innovations. They currently have over 90 locations throughout the U.S., as well as an extensive inventory that includes many makes and models of vehicles. 

You can find MobilityWorks vehicles in Florida, Texas, California, North Carolina, and many other locations. The cost to rent a wheelchair accessible van at MobilityWorks depends on the type of vehicle you choose and the amount of time you rent it for. If you rent a vehicle daily, the average price is $180 per day. However, costs drop to $150 per day if you select a multi-day package for anywhere from three to six days. Your daily costs can dip as low as $90 if you purchase a multi-month package.

a photo of MobilityWorks, where you can rent a wheelchair accessible van

AMS Vans

AMS Vans is a highly popular wheelchair van provider that’s available in more than 180 locations throughout the U.S. While they have locations in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, and nearly every U.S. state, the brunt of their locations are available along the Eastern U.S. You can call to reserve a wheelchair van in Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston, Cincinnati, and New Jersey. 

While you can rent vehicles from AMS Vans daily, they offer significant discounts if you select a weekly or monthly package. The specific rates you need to pay depend on your location. In Georgia, you can rent a van at a rate of $140 per day. A weekly package costs $800, while a monthly package comes in at $2,550. To rent one of their vans, you must be at least 25 years old, have insurance, and have a valid driver’s license. 

United Access

United Access is currently the second-largest mobility dealer in the U.S. They have more than 50 locations nationwide, which are available in New York, Florida, California, Texas, Colorado, and Washington to name a few. Their wheelchair accessible vans offer a considerable amount of variety. For example, you can rent a van that offers a power or manual ramp. You can also choose from rear-entry and side-entry options. 

Unlike some companies in this guide, you only need to be 21 years old to rent one of their vehicles. As long as you drive less than 125 miles per day, you won’t need to deal with extra fees. If you purchase a package for one to six days, you’ll pay $150 per day. If you require a rental van for more than a month, the price will be $110 per day. 

Wheelers Van Rentals

Wheelers Van Rentals is a popular wheelchair van provider that offers rentals on a daily, weekly, weekend, or monthly basis. They strive to reduce the amount of busywork that needs to be done before you can rent an accessible van, which is why they offer online booking functionality that allows you to complete the rental process in minutes. Their modified minivans are designed with a focus on safety, comfort, and cleanliness. 

The cost of renting one of their vans depends on many factors, which include what the van is being used for, your location, and the amount of time you require the vehicle. You can expect to pay well over $100 if you opt for a daily rental. You’ll pay much less if you select their weekly, weekend, or monthly packages. Their rentals are available in dozens of locations across California, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, New York, and Nevada. 

Adaptive Mobility Equipment

Adaptive Mobility Equipment is a wheelchair van supplier that’s based out of Seekonk, MA but provides rentals throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Southern New England. They offer rentals for days, weeks, or months based on your needs. If you choose to rent a vehicle with Adaptive Mobility Equipment, they provide delivery and pick up service to Boston and Providence airports for an extra fee. 

While there are many different types of vehicles you can rent from this provider, they specialize in Toyota conversions. When making a conversion, their goal is to maintain many of the vehicle’s features while delivering ample accessibility. For example, their Toyota conversion delivers a power foldout ramp with side-entry. The vehicle retains USB ports, cup holders, and a full-length footrest. To obtain pricing info, you must call or email them ahead of time.

handicap van rental with the ramp deployed

Now that you have an idea of what these companies offer when it comes to wheelchair vans for rent, you should be able to find a wheelchair van provider in your area that has the specific type of vehicle you need. Once you decide to rent a wheelchair accessible van, compare the features and pricing of each provider before making your final decision.